The main goal of EC "Taze Bakja" is to provide our tables with fresh vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals in all seasons of the year!

We produced a greenhouse without soil intended for tomato production using the most modern and advanced technologies on an area of 63,000 m2 to achieve our goal.

All technologies installed on the greenhouse are products of Holland, meet the standards of Europe.


  • Atmospheric system

    The main feature of the atmospheric system of the installed greenhouse, setting with the help of heat, humidity, CO2 and light, helps to grow healthy and tasty foods.
  • Water Supply

    The water supply system of the greenhouse contributes to the economical use of natural resources by supplying in the required amount of the intended amount of water necessary for plants.
  • Energy system

    It contributes to the economical use of electrical energy and natural gas through the use of polycarbonate and plastic walls and the latest technology in the construction of greenhouses.
  • Specialists

    Cooperation is being established with foreign specialists until the greenhouse is fully operational. In the greenhouse will be given the opportunity for a new job of 80-100 people.